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IMAF - Portfolio Companies

IMAF is a member-owned and member-managed limited liability company, organized to provide members an opportunity for active involvement in a diversified capital investment process.

Ground Floor - exploits the recently expanding emulations that allow crowd funding for real estate transactions. They have launched an internet platform that provides this opportunity to investors in all the states that have approved this concept. They have led the way to getting these regulations approved at both the federal and state levels. Through their online service, investors can execute the entire transaction of investing in property and enhance their probability of success.

Next Glass - has determined the detailed chemical make-up of thousands of bottles of wine and created a repository of this information. Through their mobile application where consumers can specify their profile of preferred wines and initiate an inquiry to the repository to determine if a bottle of wine they are considering to buy will be one that they will like. With extraordinary accuracy, Next Glass is able to predict whether or not the consumer will like the wine they have selected.

Xanofi - is a nonfiber development business. Developed by Prof. Orlin Velev, Dr. Stoyan Smoukov, Dr. Sumit Gangwal, and their colleagues at North Carolina State University, Xanofi’s platform technology utilizes a liquid shear process to stretch polymers.

Unlike conventional methods of creating nanofibers with expensive machines using an electrical charge to draw individual fibers to a grounded surface, XanoShear™ is a technology that is elegant in its simplicity and efficient in its design bringing a cost advantage to customers.

Perk Dyamics - is a software development company dedicated to increasing the efficiency of coffee and espresso drink operations. They are focused on improving the process and quality of brewed beverage order flows to increase profits, ROI, and customer satisfaction in establishments that serve coffee, tea and other machine produced beverages.

They provide in depth coffee and espresso operational management tools, and have built user friendly tool sets to streamline and in some instances even fully automate the processes cutting into business’s bottom line. With everything from POS integrated full service restaurant systems to fully automated self service configurations they have a solution to fit its customers' needs in coffee and espresso. Taking things a step further they have also created a complete back-end system to manage reporting, service and maintenance data as well as built-in automated alerts to streamline route service and provide preventative maintenance capabilities.

Entrigral Systems - delivers the RFID industry’s most flexible and adaptable solution for rapid, measurable improvements for asset management and tracking. Their solution combined with their Business Process Re-engineering Group sets the foundation for a superior Manufacturing Execution System (MES) implementation or interface to many of the existing platforms installed to improve manufacturers’ bottom line.

The recognized technology of TraxWare®, their industry leading software platform, supporting applications in fixed asset tracking, work-in-process (WIP) tracking and supply chain management, delivers flexibility, compatibility and simplicity to challenging RFID asset tracking projects in critical, high value business environments.

Entigral Systems teams with large systems integrators and VARs to provide customers with both cutting edge technology and sound business planning.

Physcient - brings modern technology to hand-held surgical instruments that have remained unchanged for decades. These venerable instruments — used in every hospital — contribute to pain, lengthy recoveries, and post-operative complications, imposing large, hidden costs of care.

Physcient envisions smart instruments that speed recovery and improve patients' lives.

Unlike complicated minimally invasive procedures, surgeons will find it easy to adopt their instruments because they won't change surgical procedures.  


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