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About IMAF-RTP: Executive Summary

IMAF-RTP is a seed-stage, angel capital fund designed to capitalize on the growth in entrepreneurial activity and venture financing, primarily in the Research Triangle Park area of North Carolina and selective areas of Virginia, Georgia and South Carolina, and to syndicate with other angel investor organizations and IMAF funds.

Structure - IMAF-RTP is a member-owned and member-managed limited liability company, organized to provide members an opportunity for active involvement in a diversified capital investment process.

Fund Size - $1.5 million target.

Unit Price - $25,000/unit

Limit – 5 units per member

Goals - The fund will seek to enhance the wealth creation of its members by investing money, as well as time and relationships, in early-stage, high-quality, and high-growth companies in the Research Triangle Park area and regional geographic areas, if appropriate, in order to achieve success.

Portfolio – In its first fund, IMAF-RTP has invested over $1,100,000 in fourteen companies. The second fund is actively investing. See the Portfolio page for more details.

Member Profile - IMAF-RTP's strength lies in its members, a group of highly successful men and women, primarily from the many businesses and communities within the Research Triangle Park area of North Carolina, and in its disciplined investment model.

Active Members - All members are encouraged to actively participate in the investment process, attend screening and monthly presentations, make personal add-on investments (as individually desired), and respond to Fund Executive requests for special expertise for due-diligence or to assist IMAF-RTP's portfolio companies. It is understood that availability to participate may vary by member over the life of the fund and that some members will be more active than others.

Advisors - It is anticipated that "advisors" with venture capital experience will be selected to assist with information regarding trends and opportunities in their industry.  This knowledge is valuable since venture funds are candidates to provide follow-on capital in the investment continuum. 
Investment Criteria -

  • The Fund typically invests between $50,000 and $150,000 per company with a company board seat, or observer rights, being allocated to IMAF-RTP. This does not include optional member add on investment through the fund.
  • The fund typically co-invests with other venture capital funds, angel groups, or Super Angels (high net worth individuals who invest large amounts to a company).
  • It is anticipated that the newest IMAF-RTP fund will continue to invest in companies, contingent upon the total amount of capital committed.
  • Primary investment characteristics that are considered attractive:
    • Experienced Management team
    • Pre-money valuation <$3 million
    • Funding to reach profitability <$2 million
    • Exit potential <5 years
    • Significant barrier to entry protection (patents)
    • No regulatory hurdles
    • Product/Service solves a significant problem and people are willing to pay for that relief

Fund Executive Contacts - Please contact one of our Fund Executives for further information:

Bill Warner at, (919) 369-7031
Rich Kramarik at, (919) 467-3533


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